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Who we are

More than 10 years of trading in grain, oilseeds and their products.

We are a reliable supplier of safe ingredients for the food and feed industry and work with trusted partners in key manufacturing regions in Russia.

Given the stringent requirements of the global food market, it is necessary to accurately control the supply chain to ensure supply. Our unique supplier expertise model excludes from the supply chain companies that do not meet modern approaches to work. We manage risks to anticipate and respond to circumstances that may affect the offer. Strong guidelines and years of experience enable us to provide our clients with a reliable service for the supply of quality ingredients.

We are constantly monitoring the international grain and oilseed markets.

A direct presence on the ground where crops are grown and produced is essential to effectively operate in changing markets. On the other hand, with the participation of buyers, we regularly provide our farmers with timely information on market trends and important events. Through close contact with our suppliers and regular audits of their factories, we guarantee our customers constant adherence to quality standards. Our unique market position allows our clients to receive the best prices and purchase conditions.

How we succeed.

The preparation of shipping, insurance and contractual documentation in accordance with various customer and official requirements requires special competencies. Our qualified and experienced staff ensures fast, accurate and smooth execution of our international contracts. This translates into significant cost savings for our customers. We are a reliable supplier of safe products for the food industry and work with trusted partners in key manufacturing regions in Russia